9 fat burning ab exercises that are light

If you are worried about your belly fat and trying to figure out the simple workouts that burns abs fat effectively, you can consider these 9 abs workouts. These workouts when performed correctly and regularly can help you achieve positive outcomes in no time.

1.Twist Crunches

Lie down flat on the floor with hands placed behind your head. Fold your knees as if you are performing crunches and keep your feet on the ground. Lift your upper torso as you perform crunches. However, you need to lift only your right shoulder close to the left one and keep the left part of the torso on the floor. Alternately, raise your left arm towards the right and keep the right torso on the floor. Do 10 reps for best results.

2.Side crunch

This is similar to twist crunches but your legs should be tilted on the same side with your shoulders all at once.

3.Reverse crunch

This is yet again similar to twist crunches with legs tilted behind with your shoulders at the same time.

4.Vertical leg crunch

Lie down on the mat or on the floor by extending your legs upwards. Keep your knees crossed over each other. Once you position your body correctly, follow the same process like that of crunches. Inhale and raise your upper body from the ground towards the pelvis. Exhale slowly as you bring your body down. Inhale and exhale as you go upwards. Do 12 to 15 reps of 3 sets.

5.Bicycle workout

Lie down on the floor with hands placed behind your head. The posture should be same as you do in crunches. Raise your legs off the ground and fold them at the knees. Your right knee should be brought towards your chest and place your left leg aside. Keep your right leg away and get your left leg towards chest. Continue doing this like you paddle a bicycle.

6.Stomach vacuum

This exercise is quite similar to the cat stretch pose. Place yourself down to the floor on all fours and support your body on your knees and hands. Breathe in deeply by loosening your abdomen. Breathe out by tightening your abs muscles. Stay in this position for 20 to 30 seconds and repeat the process.

7.Captains chair

Sit on a chair by straightening your spine and shoulders in a relaxing position. Place both hands near you with palms towards the side of the hips. Breathe in and bring your legs upward so as to ensure that your knees are near the chest. Stay like this for 5 seconds. Avoid bending forward and arching your back. Now bring your legs down and repeat the process.

8.Lunge twist

Stand tall and slightly bend your knees. Raise both hands towards you and align them with shoulders. It should be parallel to the floor. Lunge forward and take a step forward using your right leg. Sit down like you are sitting on a chair to form a 90 degree angle. Twist your torso towards right and then towards left. Do 15 reps.

9.Shutter stock

Lie flat on the floor with bent knees and feet on the floor. Your hands should be placed behind your head. Breathe in and exhale as your raise the upper torso. Do 10 reps.