How to create a healthy diet plan?

If you are determined to eat healthy but unsure on how to go about, the tips mentioned in this article will come in use. It is very important to know the right times to consume fat, protein, and carbs. In addition, the portion size is another important aspect one should be well aware of.  Nutritional requirements vary based on your sex, age, size and activity levels. The following is the healthy diet plan for women that work beneficial to stay healthy.


Begin you day with a protein enriched breakfast that can range from salmon, lean ham, eggs or dairy. You can burn maximum calories when you digest protein instead of carbs. Hence, choosing protein for breakfast will revive your metabolism. Additionally, protein keeps you full and you will ingest fewer calories for the rest of the day. No matter how busy you are, avoid skipping breakfast as your blood sugar level can go unstable. As a result, you will end up selecting unhealthy foods later during the day. If you want to maintain a healthy weight, it is very important to eat breakfast daily.

A toast can be topped with a scrambled egg, lean ham, and one slice of smoked salmon. Alternatively, you can prepare frittata or an omelet as well.

Mid morning snacks

Most individuals find eating often at frequent intervals a better solution to manage blood sugar levels. However, it does not mean that their intake is more. It means that their intake for the day is divided evenly. You should make every snack that you eat count with healthier options. You can choose oatcakes spread with peanuts over morning biscuits or veggie sticks with a tasty dip.


For lunch prepare foods combining starchy carbs and lean protein. Foods that are rich in carbs provide energy and helps in getting over the afternoon slump. Choose carbs that provide a quick hike in blood sugar which means switching to high fiber whole grain foods over white foods. It is a healthy portion to munch in the afternoon.

Whole grain bread topped with chicken, salmon or low fat dairy is a great option. Add a whole lot of salads along with it.

Mid afternoon

If you have a sweet tooth, you can satisfy your craving and energize your body with fruits. You can combine unsalted seeds or nuts with a handful of dried fruits as it provides healthy fats and protein. This is the best option as it keeps you feeling full till supper.

You can choose dried apple rings or walnuts over a cereal bar or chocolate. Dried fruits are safer and healthier than other sweet foods.


Carbs are low in fat, rich in fiber and keeps you relaxed in the evening. You can simply add them with healthy essential fats like mackerel, salmon or sardines. These healthy fats help to regenerate and repair your body which is necessary to maintain a healthy skin as well as hair.

You can place a salad or a variety of vegetables on the plate and add fish, beans or meat with wholegrain pasta, quinoa or brown rice.